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Wednesday, September 28, 2005


The following tale is purportedly true and I have attempted to verify the details via google, but so far no luck.

Two days ago I heard from Agent 00-Mocha (name withheld for reasons about to be made apparent), a guy I have been friends with since junior high school in 1977 who is now involved with homeland security, and he related to me the most spectacular "whatever happened to" story I have yet heard:

About two years ago Agent 00-Mocha was assigned to handle a case in our home town involving a heroin and gun-running organization, and to his horror he discovered that the ring — which included a well-armed force of around fifty operatives — was run by one "Clark Bar," another good friend since junior high. Bar had run millions in horse through Westport and now homeland security and the CIA had their eye on him.

Unfortunately another old friend of ours, "Westporter X," was looking for an apartment and ended up moving in with Bar, totally unaware of the drugs/guns thing. When X moved in, Bar was well gone on heroin and during one of his heroin jags eventually did to X what is usually done to new prison inmates at gunpoint. X got the hell out of there, reported it to the police — who already knew about the illegal operation — who referred it back to the feds. In short order the feds raided Bar's base of operations and Bar, a once very nice kid whom I grew up with, was gunned down and killed by the CIA.

I actually ran into Clark Bar about ten years ago in Manhattan near the Broadway offices of Marvel Comics; we chatted for a few minutes and agreed to keep in touch, which didn't happen...

I swear, you just can't make this shit up.

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Bobby the Blue Baxojayz said...

Dude, you have to expand on that and make it into a movie!