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Friday, May 22, 2009


Happy Birthday, JWP! Too bad I can't be there to celebrate with you, but perhaps it's for the best since I seriously doubt your tequila chops are what they used to be and I wouldn't want to have to fish your head out of the bowl after out-drinking you (though I would do it if needed). Have a fun and safe time, and make sure to take pictures.


Yer Bunche


eggs mayonnaise said...

Happy Birthday to the one and only JWP! For some reason, some old Bluesun songs were playing in my head in the shower yesterday, and I couldn't figure out why -- now it all makes sense. I still have the NY skyline you made me -- although it's faded with time, it still looks great. I hope things are going great and that you're having a kickass birthday.

I'm so glad I ran into the Buncheman at that Devo concert...

Satyrblade said...

Holy jumping Christ on a detonator plunger! What episode did THAT image come from? Don't recall having ever seen that costume. Sheeee-it!

(Yes, I wished JWP a happy birthday, too.)