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Friday, April 09, 2010


The lovely packaging art found on the DVD. Needless to say, nothing like this occurs at any point during the actual film.

Shot in 1970 but released two years later after running the gamut of ludicrous British censorship hassles, VIRGIN WITCH is less of a horror movie than it is a softcore Euro-sexploitation flick featuring supernatural elements. It tells the story of a pair of sisters (real-life sibs Ann and Vicki Michelle) who end up falling into the clutches of a "white" magic coven, headed by a horny Charles Gray-like high priest and a stereotypical predatory lesbian high priestess who has designs on the older girl, and this setup serves as an excuse for acres of naked female flesh to be put on display (it's interesting to note that European softcore and porn actresses of the time did not seem to suffer from the Chewbacca-esque and unruly "'70's bush" syndrome that their American counterparts often sported). Anyway, there's really nothing to the story other than the two coven leaders both wanting to get into the older sister's knickers (which they both succeed at), the older sister getting into the idea of gaining power within the coven and suddenly learning black magic in order to achieve her from-out-of-nowhere evil ends, and the younger sister displaying minor psychic abilities that do zero to advance the thin shred of a plot. The copious amounts of nudity during all of this are the film's sole redeeming feature, but that aspect grows old very fast, especially when one considers how much actual porn is so readily available.

In short, VIRGIN WITCH is a curiosity at best, but if you choose to skip it you will miss absolutely nothing.

Poster from the theatrical release.

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scorethefilm said...

Watched it for the first (and last) time on 10/30 with a bunch of friends after seeing the trailer on a trailer comp. Snoozefest. The only real draw is the amazing amount of nudity. Yawn.