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Sunday, January 23, 2005


Yesterday was the birthday of my favorite martial arts movie star, namely Shinichi "Sonny" Chiba and he is now 66 years old. Hooray and long life, ya bad muthafukka!

And on the same day Johnny Carson died at the age of 79. Now I did not personally hate the guy as a human being since I didn't know him, but I couldn't stand that smarmy schtickfest that was "The Tonight Show" during his overlong hosting stint; that show was the slowly-dying last gasp of the Rat Pack brand of alleged coolness and so-called humor that I absolutely abhor, and as a result I tend to think of Carson as the Jim Jones of of late night teevee since he was the grand poobah of a cathode ray cult that willingly laughed along with every stale rejoinder that issued forth from his snarky gob. Godd riddance to a for-the-most-part enemy of quality comedy, sez I. If only my voodoo powers were strong enough to resurrect Jack Paar...

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