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Sunday, October 15, 2006


When I first heard about this I said to myself, "They've gotta be fucking kidding! Is Hollywood so utterly bankrupt of ideas?" Well, apparently this isn't a gag, and considering how much I laughed my ass off at ROCKYs 3 through 5, I will probably see this at a bargain matinee.

At least they didn't call it ROCKY 6... ROCKY 60 more like.

And I just found out that RAMBO IV is in pre-production for a 2008 release. Sly, I beg of you, STOP THE MADNESS!!!

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Jim Browski says:

Stallone ought to take a lesson from Burt Reynolds, who has finally realized that he is no longer an action hero and seems to have settled comfortably into character roles. Stallone seemed to be going that route (Spy Kids 3D, Antz) only to regress into trying to be the same old testosterone ass kicker of old. Now that Ahnold is a politico and Mel is an American Nazi, there arent really any "Action Heros" anymore. They seem to have gone the way of Musicals and Slasher pics. Maybe it aint a bad thing though. :)