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Friday, March 28, 2014


There's been a trend where people post photos of themselves online and let their friends alter them in ridiculous ways via Photoshop, so a few days back I granted my photoplasty-savvy artsy pals leave to raid my Facebook photo albums and mess with pics of me in any way they saw fit, the more ridiculous or offensive, the better. Well, the first two digitally-retouched images have come in, courtesy of my old friend and ultra-talented artsy colleague Matt Maley, and they're a hell of an opening salvo. This first item is fun enough:

But it's this second one that I'm absolutely mad for, and I intend to have it printed at 8"x10" and framed for my wall:

Ro-Man, the titular star of the infamous ROBOT MONSTER (1953), is my unofficial alter-ego, so this could not possibly have made me happier.

I'll post more such items as they come in, and I sincerely hope they start veering into the ultra-absurd and twisted!

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