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Saturday, June 27, 2015


Kissing my forties goodbye with two staunch pals whom it is my distinct honor to know..

Dear Vaulties,

Despite many years of assorted idiocy, Yer Bunche somehow managed to live to see my fiftieth birthday and I'm quite pleased to say that I did. I have stuff to do today but I wanted to note that the big day is here and that I will be reporting on my entry into the half-century club over the next few days. STAY TUNED!


Robert Cousland said...

A very Happy Birthday to you Sir Bunche! Loving the shade of the beverage in your glasses. Good taste as always!

Kate Gale said...

Happy birthday, Lord Buncho. Many happy returns! xx

Raymond Conlon said...

Happy birthday, Bunche!

William Mercado said...

Happy belated birthday