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Monday, February 06, 2012


Hey, Dear Vaulties.

As you've probably deduced, I've been rather out of sorts for about the past two months. Everything I've tried to land in the way of jobs in my field has yielded nothing but disappointment and reminders of my "over-qualifications," and my ongoing battles with the health care system and other concerns all teamed up to plunge me into a deep depression. I've slept too much. I've experienced headache-inducing insomnia. I've indulged in comfort-eating. I've had no appetite and have the too-large jeans to prove it. When I do get paid for the meager freelance that I do, all of the money immediately goes to bills and the basic necessities of daily life. In short, my life has been one great big ball of suck.

And yet, 2012 got off to a pretty nice start in a few ways, and I hope that the positive nature of those events will grow over time. (I'm referring to some stuff that looks quite promising but that will be better explained as that stuff solidifies a little further down the line.) The thing that has bolstered me most during all of the past couple of months' psychological/emotional ups and downs is that I'm constantly reminded about exactly what kind of friends I have and how much they mean to me, and I to them. I was right on the precipice of a serious breakdown and the only thing that kept me from toppling over the edge was my friends, some of whom have been staunchly on my side since as far back as 1977. Sometimes it's easy to forget just how much one is valued, and the kindness and ongoing support of those friends has been immeasurable, so I thank all of them from the bottom of my heart.

The past week or so has not been what I would call idyllic but at least I feel somewhat better and more motivated. I'm starting to write for myself again, and that's always a sign that I'm on keel. I'm beginning to once again eat and sleep with normal regularity and that's just what I need right about now.

To sum up, things are kind of sorting themselves out — other than on the job front — and that's a start. Stay tuned. Things around here will be back to normal soon and your infinite patience will be rewarded.

-Yer Bunche


timothy said...

sending you positive vibes and wishes for prosperity!

GILSONIC said...

Hold your ground, Buncho. Sometimes life puts us through a wringer, but things have a weird way of working out for the best.

Chez said...

Hang in there, my friend. I do understand what it's like and, although it sounds trite, you seriously never know what's around the next corner. (Yeah, it could be a giant, man-eating spider, but it could just as easily be something that changes your life for the better.)

Anonymous said...

Love your stuff! Wishing the best for you!

PiercingMetal Ken said...

Stay strong brother, this has not been an easy time for many of us. We all strive to make our own personal difference and meet wall after wall but in the end we can win out. I've had some roller coaster crap going on as well these days but its important to stay focused, entertained and positive. Miss you my brother in media, hope we can hang soon.

Thomas V said...

Don't know if you got this comment the first time, but i wanted to tell you I'm glad things are looking up for you. Stay strong it'll get better. The video that Fred took of you for my birthday was one of favorite gifts this year!
Miss Ya Man!