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Friday, August 26, 2005


Since last I posted I have been buried in work and muddling my way through a romantic disaster, so I have been a bit busy.

The barbecue joint catered the first of three weddings that we committed to — leftovers from the closing of our rival, Biscuit — and it took us a week to do all of the required food for a reception of two-hundred people, including various nibbly things, meats, side dishes and two hideous-looking roast suckling pigs. My average workday began at 1PM and didn't wind down until midnight or later, and my boss very quickly sussed out that we are not equipped to handle such a workload alongside our daily sitdown crowd, so once the other two weddings are over that's all she wrote.

The romantic disaster basically boils down to my responding to an offer being made, and the woman who made said offer backing off once things became a viable possibility, citing every half-assed excuse in the book. Things will stay amicable between us, but I think I'll need some time before we're really cool again; you don't offer a parched man who's been crawling across the desert a bottle of Poland Spring and then yank it away while basically saying "Psych!" I do not respond well to mind games since I prefer to be up front with relationship concerns, and I refuse to play along with such jackassery. I am so tired of this shit...

Anyway, I'll be back with more fun stuff asap.

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