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Monday, April 02, 2007


Saturday night marked my final shift at the barbecue joint. Yes, dear readers, I'm outta there and looking for my next gig, so I'll have to get used to so-called normal hours again. The day was quite eventful from the moment I woke up through the moment I finally conked out — including meeting Quentin Tarantino, among other luminaries; god DAMN, Rosario Dawson is a fucking fox!!! — so I have to process everything before I post a full account. The whole story should be up by Wednesday at the latest, so bear with me.


Scott Koblish said...

You're free!
FREE! Congrats!
Now - chain yourself to your drawing and writing implements...
Rosario Dawson used to live and just hang out in the East Village, you should have asked her out at Ace's 10 years ago man!
(Just like I missed my chance at Janeane Garofalo 10 years ago at Revival - no one told me she was right behind me for 4 hours! I coulda changed her life!)

Anonymous said...

Jim Browski says:

Congrats! Freedom!
wtg my friend.
We will talk, soon.

Harry C said...

You're finally free, the next thing you're probably gonna go through is an inner voice asking "why the fuck did you stay there so long!?"

J said...

Congratulations, Steve!