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Sunday, April 15, 2007


As the lovely Xtina reminded me, today is the sixth anniversary of the passing of my man Joey Ramone. If you have no idea who he was, look him up and crank some of his tunes, "Here Today, Gone Tomorrow" being rather appropos. And what better picture of him could I run on this particular blog than one of him in Japan, representing next to a statue of Kamen Rider?

We miss ya, Joey. GABBA GABBA HEY!!!


jen van g. said...

this is so sad.
your fellow ramone head. jen
ps how are you?

Anonymous said...

joey ramone ass suck extrodinare, hope your are blowing richard nixons cock in hell, you fuck..... republican punker ..really... fuck you glad I never wasted a penny seeing you. count your portfolio in hell you shit, this is better punk than your lame ass three chords ever did.... love the real ramones fuck joey scum bottom feeding shit eating nose picking republican

Anonymous said...

I think you're mixing Joey up with Johnny, you fucking moron.