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Thursday, April 12, 2007


When famed shock jock Don Imus' MSNBC simulcast show got cancelled yesterday in the wake of his controversial comments about the Rutgers women's basketball team, the Scarlet Knights, I thought it was just a slap on the wrist while his CBS program remained on the air unchecked, so imagine my surprise when CBS actually fired his no-talent ass today. Public outcry and fleeing advertisers are one thing, but usually broadcasters of Imus' prominence will get off with a reprimand and an insincere apology to the offended party, but Imus seriously fucked himself in the ass by referring to the mostly Black basketballers as a bunch of "nappy-headed ho's." When the Scarlet Knights went on TV with a live press conference to address how Imus' comments took the spotlight from their hard-won achievements during the season, his description of their hair was proven to not only be an offensive racist slur, but also utterly nonsensical since not one of the girls sported an Afro.

Anyway, what I want to know is why it's taken so long for anyone to do anything about Imus' behavior; he's been repeatedly cited for sexist and racist comments for years, but I guess he got busted this time because his venom tainted a story that was ready-made for an inspirational movie about a group of empowered young women and their coach, and as we all know, America loves to be touched by such sagas. I honestly believe Imus' idiocy would have once more gone unpunished had it not been so pointlessly focused on a group of young women of color who did nothing more than strive to be the best on the court, coupled with his reference to them as "ho's." These alleged "ho's" were all exemplary students at one of the nation's most rigorous institues of higher learning, and in no way deserved Imus's lazy, ignorant attempt at humor.

I, for one, have hated Imus' brand of humor for thirty years, ever since I heard some of my fellow campers at Wilderness Camp guffawing to his pedestrian japes, and my hatred only grew when he blatantly copied nearly every move that made rival Howard Stern successful yet never bothered to actually be funny. I mean, look at this album cover from the 1970's:

The motherfucker couldn't even come up with an album title without referencing Richard Pryor's Grammy-winning "That Nigger's Crazy," for fuck's sake! I'd like to kick his nuts off for biting from my man Richard... I'm glad he's off the air, but let's see how long that lasts. And lose that goddamned cowboy hat! Unless you're out there roping cattle, Don, it makes you look like a poseur dickhead.


Jared said...

Imus doesn't bring in the money he used to for CBS and NBC. That's why he go fired. If you bring in the money you can say what you want. Even if it's not the least bit funny. Moby Worm? People used to laugh at that! Baffling...

Anonymous said...

Jim Browski says:

Okay, agreed..Imus is a jerk.
But do we really need Jesse "Hymietown" Jackson and Al "no white interloper" Sharpton lecturing the rest of us on racial sensitivity?
At least he apologized. I haven't heard any apologies from Sharpton to the Duke lacrosse players yet. And I wonder if the right Rev. Jackson will be teaching his illegitamate child about taking the moral high ground.
I never listened to Imus' show, so I have no idea about his past history, but it's awfully telling of how hypocritical our society is, when these self appointed "leaders" claim to be our moral compass.
ps: Thumbs down to CBS also, for caving in and dismissing the man the day before his annual radiothon ended. The same CBS that was just embroiled in a modern day Payola scandal. Hypocrites!