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Wednesday, September 26, 2007


One of the things I love about trawling the web for idiotic things to discuss on this blog is running across crazy shit totally unrelated to my intended search, yet the random items somehow find me and turn out to be perfect fodder for the Vault. Case in point, while looking for images relating to Black stereotypes, I came across this photo and laughed my ass off:

According to what I could gather from a number of online sources, NIGGER KING is a store in a Taiwan shopping mall that sells hip-hop attire. Considering that the term "nigger" is considered highly offensive in most of the known universe, I find it hard to believe that the geniuses behind this store were unaware of the potential for pissing people off, whether located in Taiwan or not, unless they've been lead to think its use is somewhat acceptable due to its constant use in assorted popular hip-hop recordings. Anyway, it was inevitable that someone would have something to say about it, so the police shut NIGGER KING down until the company decided on a new name:

I swear you can't make this shit up. And as if NIGGAR KING isn't ludicrous enough, there's actually talk of yet another renaming, this time to NAGGER KING. Me, I like the original and wish I could have been photographed in front of the signage, thereby instantly creating a great Christmas card. Oh, well. You snooze, you lose...But then again, there's always the magic of Photoshop!


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised they didn't rename it "Nigga King." That "variation" is totally "acceptable," thanks to endless hip-hop/gangsta usage. Hey, they'd be really "keepin' it real" if they chose that name instead! Guess dey ain't down wit da OG crew fo' shizzle...

Anonymous said...

Jim Browski says:

Maybe some enterprising black folks can open up a Smoothie stand across the street and call it
"Chink's Drinks".

Anonymous said...

Your royal Bunchness. I'm wondering if there might be a Nigger Queen out there. If so, I bet the ice cream is AWESOME!!!
You need help, which is why I suppose you're so well-loved.
BTW. I looked up "Krampus" on wikipedia. Hopefully I'll be sleeping with the lights off sometime soon. BJD