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Wednesday, February 20, 2008


About a week ago the barbecue joint I used to work at was host to a meeting of the 20th Street Association, a group that periodically convenes to discuss matters of importance to that area of Greenwood Heights. It's pretty much what you would expect, but the barbecue joint's owner and my former boss, Frank, shared the following letter that he received anonymously a day or so after the meeting. What follows is transcribed verbatim, with only an address omitted (just in case, if ya know what I mean):

you are having a meeting about tree and other thing.

what you should be talking about is the drug sailing from the building (ADDRESS OMITTED) 20th strrrt. where is the super sdom are in involv..

I'm send a letter to the police dept and the narcotics as well


I'm willing to bet the cops will wonder if the person who wrote this hadn't been sampling some of the drugs "sailed" from down the street.


Anonymous said...

Jim Browski says:

Well I hope the meeting was productive and that "tree" was discussed successfully.

Anonymous said...

Jim Browski says:

I feel like going sailing ;)

jen van gillow said...

that's an awesome letter. i love it. sailing drugs is probably safer than flying them. they might get stuck in a tree.
thanks neighbor.

Anonymous said...

Takes me away
To where I've always heard it could be
Just a dream and the wind to carry me
And soon I will be free

Big Mike said...

IIIIII'mmmmmm saiiiiillllliiinngggg a jaaaayyyyy
from the corner of 20th, with my super at the helm.
poliiiiiccccee and narcotic and treeeeeeeeeee
neighborrrr helpfulll, keep tree drug freeeeeeeeeee.......
come sail a jay come sail a jay come sail a jay with treeeee
come sail a jay come sail a jay come sail a jay with treeeeeeeeeeee

sorry bunche, could not resist.
even better if you think of it in the cartman voice.
-Big Mike