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Thursday, June 24, 2010


Surprisingly, not Henry Rollins.

Needing an infusion of some of the pop culture stuff that always restores my moxie, I've begun work on a long-overdue overview of the classic TV version of HOKUTO NO KEN — aka FIST OF THE NORTH STAR — and the re-watching of the pertinent material has plastered an ear-to-ear grin across my face. It's loads of fun, but, much like its source manga, HOKUTO NO KEN is flawed in places and as a result I'll be examining its four "books" and alerting the newcomer to the "must see" segments. No lie, it just may be the single most "metal" cartoon of all time. I hope to have the first installment completed soon and with it re-start the weekly FIST OF THE NORTH STAR FRIDAY column, so stay tuned!

Oh, and don't forget: "YOU WA SHOCK!!!"

"Omae wa mo shinderu," muthafukkas!!!


K.L.MacKenzie said...

Talk about timing! I was introducing my son to Hokuto No Ken just this afternoon. Hulu's got all the subtitled episodes of the original series up, so he and I took a brief stroll down my memory lane. He now giggles madly, finally getting his old man's pop-reference, when I sonorously intone, "You're already grounded..."

Bunche said...

Excellent! So what would that translate as? "Omae wa moe...?"

Mindlesskirby said...

You should write a companion book or something, that would be cool. Something similar to what Marc Scott Zicree did for Twilight Zone. Also, FOTNS is without a doubt the most metal cartoon ever. Speaking of metal, did you hear the "updated" theme for the new game?

Satyrblade said...

Too much hair and too little neck to be Rollins. :)