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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


According to several news sources, including COMIC BOOK RESOURCES, this is Jim Lee's re-design for Wonder Woman, as per the revamp planned by new helmer of the monthly book J.M. Straczinski, and it will be seen as of the release of today's WONDER WOMAN #600. Not only is the Amazing Amazon getting a makeover, her origin and history is being re-written as "the gods change the timeline," eliminating her Greek influences and essentially robbing the character of the things make make her of interest (providing she's written well, which is almost never, to tell the truth). I am not down with this, but I will read it before passing full judgment, yet how can this possibly be any good? Darwyn Cooke, where are you when Diana so obviously needs you again?

Wonder Woman, looking not unlike some of the chicks who hang out around Brooklyn's Fulton Mall or Greenwood heights. No, that is not a compliment.


On Smash said...

...and she gets a new sidekick named Poochy.

I have a feeling this was a bunch of suits at Warners trying to update WW for the movie. probably have the writers of Beverly Hills Chihuahua working on it right now.

Deacon Blue said...

Well, Bunche, we'll always have the fine animated Wonder Woman feature in which Diana kicks Ares' ass (though I'm still not sold on how the Amazons built a an invisible jet and invisible missiles to go with it).

I actually don't mind the idea of a slight costume revamp. As much as I like WW's ass and legs, I've never really been sold on her being bare-legged. Just didn't seem like a warrior princess diplomat type.

So, covering her legs in a stylish way I could get behind, but the overall ensemble sucks.

I really like Wonder Woman, despite the fact that hardly anyone gets her right. Guess that's her iconic power, eh? She rises above her own material.

L. Rob Hubb said...


Bobby the Blue Baxojayz said...

That's just wrong. What are they thinking?

Tracer Bullet said...

Janet Jackson is going to be pissed when she realizes her clothes from the "Rhythm Nation" tour are missing.