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Thursday, November 15, 2012

NY COMIC CON 2012-Day 1

And so it was that the annual NY Comic Con returned to Manhattan's Jacob Javits Center, and with it came the expected cornucopia of geekish expression, and writhing, sweaty tumult. Fun on a bun for those who can handle the crowds, long lines, and overall lunacy. I once more attended in my capacity as a reporter for PUBLISHERS WEEKLY, chronicling the sights and sounds (and smells), meeting and greeting, and reuniting with old friends and colleagues, so strap yourself in for a four-part photo safari through this year's event!

The night before: at the Abrams ComicArts pre-con get-together with Derf Backderf, author of the excellent true-life graphic novel MY FRIEND DAHMER.

10/12-Day 1 begins as the Javits Center beckons.

Press pass obtained!

As seen in the front lobby: a full-size power loader and Xenomorph. Attendees could climb inside the power loader for photo ops.

At the food court, a Deadpool dad takes a wee Hulk to his first convention.

3:05pm-The main floor just after the doors opened.

The first of the weekend's many Tardis dresses. Extra points for the Union Jack stockings.

This year, Artist Alley (no longer plural or possessive) occupied the separate expanse found at the center's north end.

Jamal Igle greets his public.

Amanda Conner's first signing of the show, and it was far from the last.

WONDER WOMAN artist Cliff Chiang, a real talent and an all-around swell guy.

Paul Guinan and Anina Bennett, the geniuses behind the stunning BOILERPLATE.

Veteran inker and old friend Bob Wiacek.

The singular U.K. excellence of Rob Steen, talented illustrator and co-author of the children's book ERF.

The one and only Buzz, longtime pal and fellow comics reprobate.

Buzz's portrait of FIST OF THE NORTH STAR's Kenshiro. I hope to see him tackle the rest of those characters someday!

Amanda's boots: the pair she modeled Power Girl's footwear from.

Myself and A.C., sending a sincere shout-out to our high school's ultra-cool dean (now retired.)

"The Twins," a pair of uber-talented cosplayers (seen here in mostly-civilian garb) who are a fixture at the NY area shows. Love the handmade Superman-themed skirt to match the hero's iconic color scheme!

"Why so serious?" A disturbing latex Joker appliance.

Marvel Bullpen sister Michelle Bowlin and her equally excellent daughter, Mercedes.

Legendary Thor writer/artist Walt Simonson sketches ma a Thor head.

The sketch completed (and bound for my collection).

A fetching gender-swapped Dexter (of the lab, not the avenging serial killer).

The first of the weekend's several Statics.

Original Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo puppets at the Shout! Factory booth.

With the much-beloved Ric Meyers, my sifu on all things Hong Kong cinema-related.

An arresting Nightwing.

My sifu expounds.

The Holy Grail of James Bond collectible merchandise: the legendary 007 Attache case, which the dealer was selling near-mint in the box for a mere five grand.

A.C. signs an original POWER GIRL page.

Homegirl and her merch.

There are Ghostbusters en masse at any given con, but few bother to bring a ghost.

The rampaging adorableness of A.C. and Anina.

Yer Bunche, delighted to discover the men's room in Artist Alley was fit for humans.

A.C. with a fan who effusively commended her on BEFORE WATCHMEN: SILK SPECTRE's visually exacting and accurate depiction of the late-1960's. I can personally assure you that Amanda busted her fine ass making sure that her illustrations were as accurate as she could possibly make them, so that kind of feedback was worth more than gold.

A last-minute announcement to the pros that was met with universal annoyance.

One artist's response.


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