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Friday, November 16, 2012

NY COMIC CON 2012-Day 2

10/13-Day 2: In which the crowds intensify.

An unexpected reunion: while on the crosstown bus to the Javits center, I ran into Lisette Saravia, a friend from my college years whom I'm still in touch with via facebook but had not actually seen in the flesh since 1988.

The main floor at 10:15am. 

The best cosplayed Taskmaster I've ever seen, and I've seen plenty.

 Who would have thought the She-Ra costume would look so cool in real life?

 Possibly a convention first: Judge Doom.

 The Black Cat and Catwoman: essentially Marvel and DC's versions of the same character archetype.

 Daenerys Targaryen and Cersi Lannister: swift becoming cosplay favorites.

Myself and Buzz, shamelessly geeking out over the first FIST OF THE NORTH STAR comic.

Buzz surprised the hell out of me by giving me the Kenshiro portrait he'd done.

 Mary Marvel.


Gender-swapped Magneto.

 Freakazoid to the rescue!

 Um...YES, please.

 Legionnaires represent!

I love Peter, but I doubt he's worthy...

 The return of Bob (FLAMING CARROT) Burden.

 An excellent Crusher Creel.

I always loved this look for Q.

 The Tick and Arthur.

 Molotov Cocktease.

The Doctor and the Tardis. (Extra points for the light.)

Magic users on the loose: (L-R) The Scarlet Witch, Doctor Strange, and Zatanna.

The Golden Age Sandman.

Doctor Strange, the sorcerer supreme.

Ant-Man and the Wasp. (Good costumes, but I wish he'd built the helmet.)

The Question, an excellent Mister Freeze, and some guy no one's ever heard of.

Mister Freeze's backpack.

There's no Catwoman better than the Julie Newmar version.

Super-talented BLACKSAD artist Juanjo Guarrnido sketches for a fan.

The one and only John Constantine.

My favorite of the show's legion of Harley Quinns.

With Marvel Bullpen brother Dave Sharpe.

Hannah and Dean, the excellent Brits with whom I geeked out at length on our shared love of all things 2000 A.D.

Excellent couples costume: Clea and Doctor Strange.

A terrific young Edward Scissorhands.

One of the very best couples costumes of the entire weekend: Robert Baratheon and Cersei Lannister. Their chalices contained cutout Hand of the King brooches and I'm currently using the one they gave me to mark my place as I read A FEAST FOR CROWS. Extra points for the look on Cersei's face.

I've been a huge fan of Zatanna since I was in the single digits, so seeing her cosplayed by many women over any given convention weekend is something I greatly appreciate. Keep it up, ladies!

Two supervillains rest their exhausted feet.

Thor and Dr. Banner stand over the vanquished Loki.

Cobra Commander takes a break from all the world-conquering.

An excellent American Maid.

Battle of the Poison Ivys! There can be only one!

A lovely Mulan.

The ultimate team-up: Nightwing and "Convention Jesus" (he handed out business cards).

Ziggo takes a time out from all that terminatin'.

An excellent homemade Iron Man suit.

Legionnaires and a Teen Titan break for lunch.

A visible Sue Storm.

My favorite of the weekend's several Calvin & Hobbes cosplayers. 

The glowing arc reactor adds a certain level of subtlety to this Tony Stark.

Fans of THE WALKING DEAD represent!

Just a small section of the massive line for the Anne Rice signing.

Best ARCHER cosplay of the weekend: Dr. Krieger and his anime  cyber-bride.

Spider-Man, as seen in an infamous arc where he needed to borrow a costume from the Fantastic Four. Sadly but understandably, the cosplayer opted to leave off the "KICK ME" sign on the back due to the logistics of keeping it on while navigating the show's massive crowds.

A fetching Jesse Quick.

Loki and Sif: Asgardian attitude.


Tarzan checks his messages.

An excellent Totoro.

A terrific Doctor Doom.

"Wonder Twin powers...ACTIVATE!!!"

The Twins, rocking variations on Supergirl.

I say the female Loki was the best thing to happen for Thor cosplayers since, well... ever.

Master costumer Charles Battersby once more rocks the con, this time with an awesome take on Captain America. Extra points for the shield/fan.

The mother of dragons proudly shows off one of her eggs.

The fantastic mutant dickishness of Quentin Quire.

My pal Robbie the Geek and a saucy Harley Quinn.

Iron Fist and Power man, perhaps the definitive Marvel Comics super-duo of the 1970's.

The vile villainy of Chairface Chippendale.

Somebody showing up as Samurai has been long overdue.

An outstanding Tintin.

The awesome Paige Pumphrey as a toothsome Wonder Woman. (Note her tat of the character she's portraying.)

More of Paige, and her Shadowcat tattoo.

An excellent Gambit and Kitty Pryde, with Lockheed.

This is the first time I've ever seen a Kitty Pryde show up with a Lockheed, and this one's great!

A closeup view of Lockheed.

A family of DOCTOR WHO enthusiasts.

The Greatest American Hero soars again!

Sailor Moon cosplayers. Guys who represent as Tuxedo Mask always get extra points from me.

The one and only Bill Sienkiewicz.

Boilerplate makes a welcome announcement.

The human cyclone that is Nelson.

A sudden outbreak of derp face.

Life imitates art: A.C. signs a Catwoman print for a Catwoman cosplayer.

(L-R) The Winter Soldier, the Black Widow, Captain America.

Detail on the best homemade Captain America shield I've ever seen.

The underside.

Detail on the Winter Soldier's cybernetic arm.

Ah, the classics.

More Asgardian awesomeness: Sif and the Enchantress.

Poison Ivys.

The day ends and the fans head home to rest up for the next round.


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I wish I had my picture taken by someone at a con.... Too bad I don't cosplay.