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Sunday, November 04, 2012


Dear Vaulties-

My wireless signal is iffy on a good day, so you can imagine how it's been since the hurricane, what with increased usage by folks in my neighborhood whose phone service is all kids of fucked up. My dodgy signal means that it takes forever for me to upload photos — I took close to a thousand pictures and even after weeding them down the number is still considerable — so couple that time lag with me having to write the liner notes that accompany them and you can understand why this is taking so long. All I can say is that at least the first installment of shots and accompanying stories will be up at some point during the coming week. Anyway, until then, here are some of my favorite shot to tide you over and reward you for your very understanding patience.

Claustrophobics are advised to give this show a miss.

The best and sickest couples costume of the weekend. (Old school Marvel Comics fans will know what I mean...)

The best of the weekend's several "new look" Captain Marvels.

Simply put, the best Aquaman I've ever seen.

My favorite shot and costume from the weekend: my friend Brandy hits it out of the park as sea queen Mera.

The always awesome Han Pan rocks it as The Wasp.

My money's on the shirtless dude.

King Robert Baratheon and his loving queen, Cersei. I love the look on her face.

Tron fans represent in style.

A terrific '60's-era Donna Troy.

 Renowned Thor scribe/artist Walt Simonson with one of the show's many female thunder gods.

Avengers assemble!

Baby dragons just love bacon and cheddar quiche. 

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Acroyear said...

Really looking forward to your report Sir Bunche and I totally understand the reason for the delay. I'm very glad you were able to ride the storm out.