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Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Hey, kiddies! It's the Day of the Beast, the only date in our lifetimes that matches those old devilish digits of 666, so get off your ass and rent HAXAN (WITCHCRAFT THROUGH THE AGES), break out those Venom and Mercyful Fate albums and rock out with your horns out!!! Now, everybody sing!

"In League With Satan" by Venom -from the album "Welcome To Hell" (1981)

I'm in league with Satan/I was raised in hell
I walk the streets of Salem/Amongst the living dead
I need no one to tell me/What's wrong or right
I drink the blood of children/Stalk my prey at night

Look out! Beware!
When the full moon's high and bright
In every way, I'm there
In every shadow in the night
'Cause I'm evil/In league with Satan
Evil! In league with Satan

I'm in league with Satan/I obey his commands
With the goat of Mendes/Sitting at his left hand
I'm in league with Satan/I love the dead
No one prayed for Sodom/As the people fled


I'm in league with Satan/I am the master's own
I drink the juice of women/As they lie alone
I'm in league with Satan/I bear the devil's mark
I kill the newborn baby/Tear the infant's flesh

Hooray! Take THAT, "You Light Up My Life!"

Note: the version of this song by the Meatmen (available on "War of the Superbikes") is considerably more upbeat, but I'll take the original every time!


Anonymous said...

Jim Browski says:

Damn, only an hour til midnite and the world still hasn't ended!

Chez said...

I realize it's your day off, but damn I'm sorry I couldn't stop by the ole' haunt tonight and hang with the rest of his Satanic Majesty's faithful servants. You're sorely missed Bunche.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Jeez - all we got to do in California on the 6th was vote.

I don't remember everyone getting so crazy last year on Cinco De Mayo - wasn't the number of man enough? and what about next year, 3 days after the 4th of July? Number of god not enough for everyone either?