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Thursday, July 30, 2009


So several of my friends and former colleagues from the comics biz have returned from this year's San Diego Comic Con, weary as hell and many of them voicing dismay at how the con has somehow become less about comics and more about R & D for Hollywood than ever before (and that's really saying something!). I always wanted to attend the massive San Diego hoo-haa but as of the past decade or so all of my friends who go each year keep returning with tales of woe and annoyance, so my desire to shell out the thousands of bucks for airfare, hotel stay and expenses has dwindled to near naught. Luckily the geeks keep the spirit alive in the face of Hollywood's co-opting, and if I had the disposable cash I would go just to shoot a documentary on the merry legion of cosplayers. My pal Raju sent me an exhaustive link to a gallery of 600 shots of the costumed throng, and in lieu of not actually being there this is a good way to enjoy what was missed.

Here's just 1/60th of what you'll find by following the link, and my only complaint is that none of the pics are labeled for the benefit of those of us who have no interest in video games or current anime/manga. If you read this blog regularly you know I'm a pretty hardcore geek, but I have to admit that I have no clue as to what many of the cosplayers are supposed to be. Anyway, here's a sampling of my favorites:

Two Judges, in town from Mega-City 1.

Convention perennials Catwoman and the Black Canary: this is great for a number of reasons, but the Canary wins extra points for rocking the "sonic scream" pose.

Seeing people putting in the effort to rock a credible Black Widow or Ant Man always makes this geek's heart swell with pride.

Doctor Orpheus in the house!!!

Power Girl, fast becoming the superhero costume of choice for zaftig geekettes.

I may not care for POKEMON, but this Ash is hysterical.

When "couples" costumes don't suck: Havoc and Polaris.

A costume I never thought I'd live to see: Ronan the Accuser.

Old school Luke Cage represents, despite having apparently been hit by lightning.

My absolute favorite out of the entire 600: the female Loki from the current run of THOR.


Kevie said...

The Judge Dredd couple beat the absolute living shit out of the Hollywood version.

Phil Hall said...

Powergirl's absolutely beautiful! Hook me up! ;)