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Sunday, July 19, 2009


This trade paperback collects the first ten issues of Vertigo's excellent MADAME XANADU ongoing series, a book that's always hovering at the top of my "READ IMMEDIATELY!!!" stack of monthly books, and I recommend it to anyone out there who enjoys quality fantasy for grownups. I've sung this series' praises since issue number one and continue to do so now that it's just finished its first year, and again I say it's the best thing to come out of Vertigo in at least five years.

The first volume recounts the immortal Madame X's origins from the days of the knights of the Round Table, up through the early 20th century, and there's not a boring moment in it. Matt Wagner's writing has never been better, and the charming art of Amy Reeder Hadley is a joy to behold, so get out there and give this solid winner the love it so richly earns. Not what you were probably expecting from an unashamed vulgarian like me, but HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

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