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Monday, August 10, 2009


Well, as you can see, the Vault is back from over a week in internet limbo. I'll be back in full force by noon tomorrow with the whole story, so hold tight!

-Yer Bunche


John Bligh said...

It's about fucking time! What was Google's problem? Not enough gay porn?

Deacon Blue said...

I finally found a person to send a message to today (though he's so high level he'll probably delete me without reading)...I hope my scathing comments about his questionable parentage and suggestions about things he should do that are anatomically improbable don't get you deleted again.

...Oh, wait, that's what I told the bill collector today...I was actually nice to the guy at Google.

Tars Tarkas said...

Cool, I was just about to email you if you didn't appear again today to make sure you weren't murdered by angry comic book fans.

Kevie said...