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Monday, August 24, 2009


Once again the all-too-brief weekend is over and we all have to haul our asses back to wherever we call work (except for those of us who are "funemployed" as my upstairs neighbor Mike puts it), and here I am back at the design 'ho house. The one thing that really gets me primed for five days of a work grind is starting the week off with an enjoyable breakfast and the proper sounds to set the mood. If I could get away with it I would start every day with a hearty meal of bacon (or sausage) and eggs an wheat toast (which was my breakfast every single day from the time I was four until I was eighteen), but nowadays it's wise to limit my doses of saturated fatty anti-goodness, so I start the week with a "treat" and then restrict the truly bad breakfasts to the weekend.

The Vault of Buncheness Monday morning repast.

On Mondays I begin the week with my frozen mug filled to the brim with a real, made-in-Mexico Coca-Cola (cane sugar instead of high fructose corn syrup makes a universe of difference) to provide caffeine, one of the delicious personal quiches from Pax on 42nd Street and 3rd Avenue, and the musical accompaniment of SACRED MORNING CHANTS to Shri Ganesh, as sung by a number of folks who are down with the Hindu Remover of Obstacles.

Ganesh, my favorite of the post-Vedic deities.

While not a religious type per se, I do dig what Ganesh represents and puts out there, and the serene sound of his devotional chanters fills me with a great sense of calm centeredness, the perfect way to start the week, and imbues my isolated no-man's-land work space a shrine-like air. A shrine to geekiness, perhaps, but it works for me. I just wish I could burn incense in here.

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