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Friday, October 10, 2014

NY COMIC CON 2014-Day 1

Hey, Der Vaulties! It's time once again to brave the tumult of New York City's biggest annual comics and media celebration at the Jacob Javits Center, and you have a front row seat for the proceedings!

 11am: The first cosplayers that I saw and also the first of several people cosplaying characters from BOB'S BURGERS, in this case the eldest and youngest of the Belcher kids, Tina (L) and Louise (R).

 In Artists Alley: The second pair of cosplayers that I saw, also cosplaying BOB'S BURGERS characters, this time Linda (L) and Tina (R) Belcher.

 Dear old friends JImmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner begin a long day of signing for their fans, with assistant Marly in the background.

 Of the many times I've seen the character cosplayed over the years, this guy was the best Doctor Strange ever. Well, done sir!


 My favorite of the day's many distaff Captain Americas.

 A representative of Lambda Lambda Lambda sets all of us straight.

 I always love it when women cosplay as Bucky.

 (L-R) The Winter Soldier and two variants on Captain America.

The warrior Ashitoka and San from PRINCESS MONONOKE.

 ADVENTURE TIME fans representing.

 A Dalek and the 10th Doctor.

 Old pal Russ Braun (THE BOYS) sketches Butcher.

 One of Russ's fans, a hardcore collector of his art from Alaska, peruses some of the originals for sale.

 (L-R) Sailor Moon, Barnacle Boy, and Mermaid Man.

 A fan represents in a spectacular homemade Golden Age Green Lantern dress.

 The return of the Log Lady.

 A truly excellent Iron Fist.

Artists Alley.

 A Tim Burton double-feature couple's costume tandem.

Zatanna and John Constantine.

An impressive homemade chainmail Iron Man suit.

Chainmail Iron Man and Carol Danvers.

Consuela from FAMILY GUY.

A mother/daughter Bullseye and Daredevil. The mom remarked, "It was her idea!"

Kiki. Note Jiji peeking out from her bag.

 Smaug from THE HOBBIT, as fetching rendered with a homemade dress and tiara.

Gotta love this.

 Can Kiki maintain her good reputation while hanging out with Cersei Lannister?

When a family cosplays.

Jon Snow.


The truth about how the Weeping Angels get around.

Cloak and Dagger take on Sabretooth.

Tekken's King.

 Rockin' it old school.


 A superb rubber TARDIS dress.

 I love this guy's homemade Jakes as Deadpool.

I wanted an autographed photo of Urban as Judge Dredd but $55 is asking too much. I'm guessing that rice is because he's now STAR TREK's Dr. McCoy.

As seen on the way out: The Teen Titans in balloon form.


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