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Thursday, October 16, 2014


Welcome, dear Vaulties, to Day 3 of NYC's biggest and craziest annual geek gathering! Saturdays are always massive, and this year's proved no exception to that rule. By the way, according to the local news reports, this year's ticket sales numbered around 150,000 for the show's four days, and it was definitely crowded enough for me to believe it.

Garth Ennis signs for his fans.

This one made me smile and the couple was psyched that I knew who they were supposed to be, namely Fujiko and Lupin the Third.

A superb Creeper.

I will never tire of Hawkgirl.

Chamber. You can't tell thanks to the flash, but his chest energy glowed.

My favorite couples' costume of the entire weekend: Silver Age Brainiac and Lex Luthor.

I'm always amazed and fascinated by the craftsmanship on homemade dresses.

A dedicated TRANSMETROPOLITAN fan. (A series I edited for a couple of issues.)

Gender-swapped Sif. Gender-swapping is nothing new at cons but the high percentage of gender-swapped/androgynous costumes this year leads me to ask: Was there actually some kind of concerted effort or planned agenda for a statement this time around?

An outstanding Kid Flash.

Captain Haddock shares a nip.

These Baseball Furies were actually looking for the Warriors from the previous day. (see Day 2's coverage)

Best Batman of the entire weekend. His belt even played a recording of the '60's TV series music.

My first of two meetings with the legendary Darryl McDaniel, aka DMC. He's putting out comics now, so we had a chat...

Starman and Stars. 

The Silver and Golden Ages represented.

Word of advice to cosplay photographers: Park near Amanda conner's table in Artists Alley and you will see legions of cosplayers away from the crush of the main floor. Here a fan shows his appreciation of my homegirl.

Gotta love this Rhino.

One of the weekend's most unexpected bits of cosplay: MAJOR LEAGUE's Ricky "Wild Thing" Vaughn.

She's so outrageous!

My friends Donald David and Eric Hamilton, knocking it out of the park as Bizarro and Lex Luthor.

Seriously, this is a Top 10 costume from the entire weekend. Superb in every way.

"Bizarro hate Green Kryptonite!"

Red Sonja hand-made her mail, one scale at a time. Excellent craftsmanship! (Plus, that smile!)

Best Viserys Targaryen ever.

To properly shoot them, I had to move these two out of the main traffic thanks to their wingspans.

Artist Erica Henderson, artist of the upcoming Squirrel Girl series, with Squirrel Girl. Erica's super-talented and knows geek-interest movies inside and out, so check out her work by clicking  here  and  here .

With my Bullpen brother Dave Sharpe, one of the most worthy human beings ever to draw breath.

I love Ma Hunkle, aka the Golden Age Red Tornado, and the Golden Age Flash, so this is sheer gold.

Amanda Conner and Paul Mounts contend with a berserk Harley Quinn.

My favorite of the weekend's many females Lokis. She went the extra mile with the detailing.

A.C. with Power Girl, the character she helped make into a fan favorite for the 2000's.

A.C. with my favorite of the numerous She-Hulks I've seen over the years.

A fun take on Princess Ariel, though she told me that most people confused her with Mera, Aquaman's wife.

Peter David (L) and the Teen Titans.

Prince Namor, the Sub-Mariner.

Adam Warlock, one of my all-time favorite heroes, in sensible footwear.

The Taskmaster.

DMC pontificates to a legion of Deadpools.

"Tiny Hulk."

Seriously, what is there not to love about this?

From BATMAN BEYOND, an outstanding Dee Dee.

Where Santa goes during the off-season. I told y'all he's real!

Baron Zemo.

Hunter S. Thompson (with bat in pocket).

Johnny Bravo.


A wonderfully dour Violet Parr.

The appalling excellence of Joffrey Baratheon.

Miss Martian.

Misty Knight and Luke Cage.

The mighty Soskas, two of my very favorite cosplayers and genuine fans.

With A.C.

With my man Nick Fury (Steranko version).

With the Paul Mounts portrait.

And then Madame Hydra happened to walk by.

Death and Morpheus.

Loki and the Enchantress.

One of the most original costumes ever: Miss Piggy as Wonder Woman.

Seriously, this was one of the weekend's Top 10.

Hercules and Lobo.

This Lobo was excellent, even going the extra distance with the teeth.

An outstanding Catman. How I wish Gail Simone were still writing him...

A great choice for a couple's costume: Death and Thanos.

Joel, with a homemade Tom Servo.


Sterling Archer and Lana Kane.

SAGA's Annabel.

Some of my DC Comics brothers: (L-R) Scott Nybakken, Kenny Lopez, and Pete Thomasi.

A wee Marvel Girl makes with the telekinesis.

And many childhoods ended that day. (Seriously, I love this.)


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