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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

NY COMIC CON 2014-Day 2

Welcome back, dear Vaulties! Here's a look at Day 2 of the 2014 NYCC, so strap in for the ride!

A long-overdue statement that should be a fixture at cons in general. It was one of the first things attendees saw and its advice was thus implanted right at the start. Bravo!

A solid Golden Age Sandman.

A terrific Hawkgirl interpretation.

The Parasite.

One of several Squirrel Girls.

Yet more BOB'S BURGERS enthusiasts. Next to gender-swapped/androgynous versions of characters, turning up in BOB'S BURGERS costumes was the most prevalent trend of this year's con. (I'm not counting the Legion of Deadpools and Harley Quinn's due to their perennial ubiquity, which only seems to grow exponentially with each passing year.)

An outstanding Beta Ray Bill. His timing could not have been better because I dug out my old promo poster for his first appearance to be signed by Walt Simonson, so how could I not want to get a shot of him with it?

When creator meets character: Walt Simonson and Beta Ray Bill.

With my Marvel Bullpen brothers, Darren Auck (in the red shades) and Michael Kraiger.

My favorite of the many female Thors. I favor this one because she exuded a major viking-ish "I'll kick your ass" vibe.

There's something so meta about No-Face from SPIRITED AWAY being photographed by Kiki.


One of my favorite characters from childhood: Thundra. (The lady cosplayng her was delighted that I knew who she was. Apparently most folks had no clue.)

My Marvel Bullpen brother, Joe "Captain Psycho" Caponsacco, and his wife, Tanya.
The Caponsacco clan.

San searches for back issues.

An outstanding Marv.

With my buddy Minh, the Bruce to my Sonny.

An excellent Callie Maggotbone.

My con treat of choice: the superb frozen lemonade that I traveled from Artists Alley several times to obtain over the show's four days. Tart and refreshing as hell.

My vote for the most obscure and original gender-swap/conceptual mashup: Jaxxon the mercenary rabbit space hero from Marvel's '70's run of STAR WARS comics as a Playboy bunny. Once I figured out what she was I laughed my ass off, followed by asking her how the hell someone her age knew about that character. (It was her dad's idea.)

Gimme that old-time religion. Wait...WHAT?!!?

Gwendolyn from SAGA.

And then Rocket Raccoon strolled by.

The return of Thornald McDonald.

Those eyes...

Reuben, my ultra-cool nephew.

Takin' it to the streets!


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