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Tuesday, January 09, 2007


This morning I received a call from Chris Weston, my pal in Eastbourne in England, to inform me that his wife brought their third redheaded — or "ginger" if you prefer — son into the world on New Year's Eve. Congratulations to the parents, especially the mother for being tough enough to do this three times, and a warm welcome to little Alex.

From Chris-

Alexander Alfred Weston born at 18.40 on New Year's Eve 2006
(weighing 7 pounds and 15 oz.). Both mother and baby are doing
wonderfully (though, I'm a bit frazzled after a week's worth of
paternity leave). Alex, as we call him, is my third boy, and his
brothers, Charlie and George seem to be absolutely delighted at his
arrival... which is a relief. They love him to death, and would do
just that if we weren't there to stop them from crushing him to death
with their constrictor-cuddles and their poking of Alex's soft cranium.

And, yes, his name was inspired by the Alex you're thinking of. So, now that he's named after one of literature and cinema's most notorious rat bastards, it's up to his folks to keep him from ending up like the vermin in the pic below.

And while his pops may have decent musical taste, I'll just say it right now: "Come with Uncle and hear all proper!"

More power to ya, little ginger man. More power to ya.

yer Uncle Bunche

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