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Friday, January 19, 2007


Ever since I was a kid, I can remember the males on my mom's side of the family being staunch fans of Dolly Parton, both for her music and her, *AHEM*, "assets." My little cousin, Kelley James, put is quite succinctly with, "I like her big bubbles!," so I guess love of the voluptuous starts early in my bloodline.

I'm fond of Miss Parton not just for her outrageous figure, but also for her early work during her days with Porter Waggoner, a country legend who gets unfairly glossed over these day thanks to his incredibly dark material; while under his wing — and I wouldn't be surprised if she was under other parts of his anatomy — Dolly sang a tune from the point of view of the oldest girl in an orphanage run by a cruel guardian, and the song ends with her and the rest of the kids contentedly watching as the orphanage burns to the ground while their guardian screams in agony, trappped within the inferno. My kind of song, but I forget the title.

The other thing that sets Miss Parton apart from her contemporaries is her rather ribald sense of humor about herself. Her pendulous sweater goblins are apparent even to Stevie Wonder and she plays up that angle to looney effect, even going so far as to refer to herself as a "female female impersonator," and lampooning famous pinup imagery, such as the double-whammy of the Jayne Russell-meets-Daisy Mae Scragg shot seen below. Sure, it's mostly an homage to Russell, but the hair and the colors of the outfit simply scream LI'L ABNER.

So, happy sixty-first birthday, Dolly. Just thinking about your cartoonish aspect brings a smile to my face, and for that I thank you.


John Bligh said...

I seem to remember Playboy or Penthouse offering her something ridiculous like $5 Million to pose in the early 80's. That was a lot of $$$ back then. I really wish she'd done it...


Jared said...

And she's got the same name as a Family Circus character!

Satyrblade said...

I might be mistaken, but I seem to recall her being anti-Vietnam War, as well, Back in The Day - just like those other Country Music stalwarts Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson and Kenny Rogers. And yet the Dixie Chicks are considered "radical" for dissing Bush?

Country-music folks really need to look at their roots - and not just the ones in their hair!

Happy Birthday, Dolly!

Dan said...

Actually, that song you're referring to is called "Evening Shade." And yeah, it cracks me up every single time.

Anonymous said...

love those super size tittys of hers ....and her legs are hot right up to that perfect ass of hers ...yep she's hot still yum yum