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Thursday, January 11, 2007


And now the actress who portrayed Sephora, wife of Moses in THE TEN COMMANDMENTS (1956) — one of my favorite movies, by the way — and Lily Munster, the vampire homemaker on THE MUNSTERS (1964-1966) has joined the choir invisible. I was never a fan of THE MUNSTERS because of Herman's petulant wussiness, but Lily and Grandpa, working the vampires-as-immigrant-minority angle, were a great idea and I dug them both.

DeCarlo got her start as one of the legion of sexpot starlets of the 1940's and 1950's, and she sure was easy on the eyes. Plus, she could act!

So rest well, Yvonne. And I have to say it took all of my self restraint to not post a topless shot I found of her from the early days; if this were an obit note on Tracy Lords or someone of similar fame/infamy I would not have hesitated, but I guess I'm mellowing as I get older.


1 comment:

John Bligh said...

Fuck that!! Post that topless picture! Your readers demand it!!

Furthermore, Yvonne would've wanted it that way. I, uh, spoke to her last week and she said before she dies she really wishes someone would post some of her old beaver shots online for the world to admire...

And "The 10 Commandments" might be the most unintentionally funny movie ever made...