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Saturday, January 27, 2007


Liz Renay, uber-floozy Muffy St. Jacques in John Waters' DESPERATE LIVING (1977, and my vote for Waters's best film), has joined the Choir Invisible, and if there is a Heaven, I hope it's big enough to accomodate her massive lung warts. And if you haven't seen DESPERATE LIVING, rent it immediately! She was fifty-one when it came out, and she's a sleazily hot cartoon character brought to life; whether running around topless or being in danger of quite literally spilling out of her mercilessly small tops, Renay's Muffy is a hilarious comedic creation, especially during her origin story in which we see how she became infamous as "the Dogfood Murderess," a sequence that has to be seen to be believed.

Anyway, here's her info from the Wikipedia:

Liz Renay, nee Pearl Elizabeth Dobbins (b. April 14, 1926 in Mesa, Arizona- d. January 22, 2007 in Las Vegas, NV) is an author, actress, and convicted felon who appeared in John Waters's Desperate Living.

Renay was mobster Mickey Cohen's girlfriend. Renay was convicted of perjury and served 27 months at Terminal Island.

In her book, My First 2,000 Men, she claimed flings with Joe DiMaggio, Regis Philbin, and Cary Grant among many other male celebrities. She and her daughter toured with a striptease act.

Her other books include My Face for the World to See and Staying Young (Lyle Stuart, 1982). My Face for the World to See was reissued in 2002, headlined "A Cult Classic," with a foreward by John Waters.

John Waters integrated the title of Renay's book My Face for the World to See into the dialogue of his film "Female Trouble," prior to beginning the film he did with Renay.

Renay died at age 80 on January 22, 2007 in her adopted hometown of Las Vegas, NV.

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