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Tuesday, November 13, 2007


By now we all know that HEROES' Zachary Quinto is playing Spock in the upcomig STAR TREK flick that focuses on the classic crew's days at Starfleet Academy, and I'm glad to say that the guy certainly looks the part:

And with Winona Ryder signed on to play Spock's mother, Amanda Grayson, and my man Simon Pegg as Scotty, this is shaping up to be the most interesting STAR TREK movie in quite some time.

Christ, I'm a geek...


robseth said...

Meh. How about doing something new instead of rehashing old stuff? It's the same reason these super hero movies don't it for me anymore. You know exactly what's going to happen. Are they going to do anything radically different with Star Trek? Of course not. No one wants to deviate from the formula because they think it won't be well received by fans. The truth is: the fans are bored. Look at the last movie. I believe you were the one who dubbed it "Wrath Of Khan Lite". The only mildly entertaining part of it was Data's retarded little brother. I don't think it'll even be worth the price of a matinee showing. I'll stick with Col. MILF and the Stargate crew. At least they've got a good sampling of hot babes. It's all I've got now that "Gilmore Girls" is off the air.

Bunche said...

I'm psyched about the upcoming TREK flick precisely because it's about the old school stuff. I didn't care for any of the NEXT GENERATION films other than FIRST CONTACT, and I'm looking forward to an origin story for my favorite TREK characters, but your comments are valid. Although, I have to admit STARGATE SG-1 lost me somewhere in the middle of season six or seven, whichever was the last boxed set you lent me.