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Friday, November 16, 2007


Okay, here's where things get into that stupid realm that geeks know all too well, namely over-analyzing the logistics of super-powers. If you're a fan of all things superheroic, there's a good chance that you've stopped to ask questions like, "Does Superman ever give people cancer with his x-ray vision?" or "If Daredevil's senses are so accute, does he ever rip farts so toxic that they cause him to pass out?" You know, real grade school, puerile queries. That said, I have a question about Claire Bennett from HEROES, namely if she's all indestructible and shit, and can regenerate from any injury, does she have a hymen that keeps restoring itself like Prometheus' liver?

Claire Bennett: constantly born-again cherry?

Much like the popular geek question of the 1980's that wondered if She-Hulk's menstrual flow was green (it probably would be since we've seen that she and her incredible cousin bleed green), this one's another of the host of metahuman gynecological head-scratchers that it's up to the geek community to solve (I still have yet to get a satisfactory answer on whether Wonder Woman gets PMS despite basically being a golem). So what's your two cents? YOUTH WANTS TO KNOW!!!

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Jared said...

I would guess that since the body doesn't consider that a wound that needs healing in real life it would not grow back.