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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I'm of the generation that was there when children's television landmark SESAME STREET first aired, and as a result I have a very warm place for it in my heart. In fact, during my lengthy period of unemployment a few years back, or when I'm off sick from work I would turn on SESAME STREET and revisit the old friends of my formative years, along with the newer characters like Elmo (who's quite a philosopher, so if you don't like him you can kiss my sharries), and I'd feel all the better for having done so and could once more make it through a miserable day (there's more to your favorite Bunche than martial arts badassery, boozing, heavy metal, comic books and eating pussy, you know). Bottom line, I love the show, so you can imagine how disturbed and irate I was after reading the following item in this morning's New York Daily News. Seriously, this is further proof of the ongoing campaign to turn America's youth into a bunch of mindless, gutless pussies/douchebags from the moment they can walk, a dire wave begun in the 1980's with the advent of the dreaded "political correctness." Join me, and weep for the children:

The first episodes of "Sesame Street" have been released on DVD with a warning label: "These early 'Sesame Street' episodes are intended for grownups, and may not suit the needs of today's pre-school child."

Hey, what is this? "Snuffleupaguses Gone Wild?" "Bert & Ernie Teach You Four-Letter Words?" Hardly. In these shows from 1969 to 1974, Oscar was permitted to be Grouchy and the Cookie Monster...well, he craved and consumed a great many actual cookies. All of which today is viewed as too dangerous for little minds.

No, we cannot let kids be warped by a charmingly cantankerous, noseless, furry green puppet who lives in a garbage can and loves trash. As executive producer Carol-Lynn Parente told the New York Times, "We might not be able to create a character like Oscar now." Nor can we allow tots to be led to ruin by a blue, googly-eyed creature who goes mad only for cookies rather than also, say, cauliflower. And whose alter-ego Alistair Cookie, host of "Monsterpiece Theater,: smokes (horrors!) a pipe and then eats the pipe. Explained Parente: "That modeled wrong behavior."

How do you spell "dumb," children? D-U-M-B.


Joe C said...

I'm not surprised as today's parents continue to try to blame everything, and everyone, but themselves when Junior goes bad, or does not become a huge success.

Steve said...

The next time someone tells me that I'm overreacting when I get blindly irritated at the new crop of 20 somethings who come to MY city, act like pussies and whine about there not being enough fucking Starbucks, I'm going to point to this article. And then beat the living shit out of them.

This is horrible. We wouldn't be the spirited miscreants we are today without that wonderful show. The death of America continues, unabated....

Anonymous said...

Jim Browski says:

Ah yes...Sesame Street....
I've long been suspicious of this seemingly innocent "Childrens Show". Now we know the truth!!!
Sesame Street is a dangerous show!

Now, we must make the public aware of those other "innocent" shows:
- The eco terrorist messages hidden in The New Zoo Revue.
- The communistic undertones of The Electric Company.
- The anarchism of Mr. Rogers
- The neo fascism of Captain Kangaroo.

We must all be on the alert for subversive and morally corrupt shows like these!

Da Nator said...

Yeah, I saw the article in the Times and my eyes nearly rolled outta my head. Trying to shelter kids from real life is assuming they're stupid, and treating kids like they're stupid just keeps them stupid.

Also, like there aren't kids in slums anymore. Hel-lo?

As for me, I'm wishing for the DVD set for mythmas.