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Monday, February 09, 2009


The Amazon Princess has seen better days...

Well, the 2009 NY Comicon is over and Yer Bunche had a swell time meeting and greeting amongst my fellow geeks. I'm doing some color fixes on the many pictures I'll be sharing with you and there are some truly classic images among them, so here are some previews to whet your appetite:

A decent ringer for Jesse Ventura from PREDATOR.

The Monarch represents!

The best of several by-now-obligatory Slave Girl Princess Leias.

One of many Poison Ivys, but this gal rocked the most realistic foliage.

Just in time for the WATCHMEN movie, here's Rorschach and The Comedian.

The lovely Princess Giselle from ENCHANTED.

Dr. Manhattan shamelessly shills his own book.

Chewie adresses the press regarding the A-Rod steroids scandal.

Six-month-old Felix Wrigley attends his first con and does so in style as Uatu, aka The Watcher.

Hope that'll hold you over until tomorrow or so!

1 comment:

Geek Daddy said...

Felix is only five months old right now, but who's counting (he doesn't even have a sense of the concept of numbers yet, let alone something as metaphysically challenging as 'time')...great photos, can't wait to see more!