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Thursday, February 19, 2009


If there's one thing that makes me absolutely bloody sick, it's when those who write bigoted, hateful graffiti can't even be bothered to properly spell the slurs meant to offend the various groups of people whom they hate. I've seen much anti-black tagging that somehow managed to deprive the word "nigger" of a "g" or add a surplus "r," making me feel that my entire race was not worthy of being properly insulted, but this morning I was truly saddened by a shocking display as I exited Grand Central Station.

The ad seen below, for the new Showtime series UNITED STATES OF TARA, depicts Buck, one of the series protagonist's multiple personalities, a facet of her messed-up psyche that is quite obnoxiously male and rather butch. So fucking what, right?

Well, some joker decided to point out said butchness with a graffitoed anti-lesbian slur that reads "BULL DIKE."

This improper spelling of the word "dyke" shows the appalling failure of the American public school system and I weep for a generation that feels such inaccuracies can fly in this day and age. I hope the perpetrator of this crime against our proud national history of insulting the living shit out of those different from us reads this post and hangs his head in embarrassment. For fuck's sake, buy a goddamned dictionary!


John Bligh said...

I always felt the graffiti in the 23rd street F train station was hilariously creative, what with it being close to SVA and other assorted art schools.

Jim Browski said...

Of course, you can't expect logic or coherence from some cretin who compulsively needs to share his marginal sense of "humor" with the rest of the world by defacing property.

As you pointed out, Buck is just one of several personalities (or "alters" as theyre called in the show) and is definately male.. not a lesbian.

Maybe the mental midget who wrote that could try Watching the show. It might not make him any funnier to read, but at least he'd be a better informed bigot.

Anonymous said...

Can you imagine coming out to your car and having the word "bitced" keyed over trunk? talk about bad spelling!

John Bligh said...

Not only that, but that actress really looks like a straight chick playing a "dike"... You can tell by squinting your eyes and staring at it for a few hours. Try it. You'll see I'm right.