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Monday, February 02, 2009


Upon hearing of Olympic superstar Michael Phelps getting photographed "allegedly smoking pot" from a bong, the only reaction I could muster was, "Who fucking cares?" Drugs and sports figures are by no means strangers and usually when the two meet it's far more severe than a mere bonghit or two. Did the guy use steroids? Spike a throbbing vein with shot of uncut heroin? Snort his name written in cocaine off the shaved pubic mound of Courtney Love? Fill his rectum to overflowing with imported Balinese animal tranquilizers? No, no, no and unequivocally no, so again I ask who fucking cares?

Yeah, I know the guy's a role model and all that, but this just doesn't strike me as being all that earth-shaking. If anything the biggest shock here is that Phelps would put himself in a position where he'd be caught on camera enjoying a pull of the Chronic, thereby jeopordizing his lucrative endorsements and Olympic future. I'm curious to see if his apology to the media will stave off a fall from grace, and if my two cents helps at all (which I'm sure it doesn't) I say let the guy slide on this one. He didn't get behind the wheel after drinking a bottle of Jack Daniels and mow down innocent people, so let the embarrassment over getting busted serve as punishment.

Seriously, who fucking cares?

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czelous said...

I agree, but for the snowboarders. Weed is definitely a performance enhancing drug for that sport and should be regulated. But the swimmers?!?