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Monday, May 24, 2010


The wave of positivity that I rode for the month or so after getting laid off has crested and now I find myself in a blue mood. The other day's screening of KING KONG notwithstanding, little of a morale-boosting nature has taken place in Yer Bunche's world.

Just so you know, I had two interviews in Manhattan today, both with interviewers who had digital copies of my resume, and both of them told me in no uncertain terms that I was over-qualified. What most pisses me off about this is that if they had my resumes and had read them, thus determining my alleged over-qualification beforehand, then why did they bother to have me come in and meet with them at all? I'm guessing they wanted to size me up in person, hear me talk and explain my work history and see if what was listed on my resume was bullshit. I'm guessing that when they saw my stated work experience in publishing was for real and not the expected resume cosmetic surgery, they probably realized I had been around the block and was not going to put up with the same crap that a newbie would. Whatever the case, I think it was shitty of them to call me in and waste my time and get my hopes up.

I've been kind of down and out of sorts over my work situation lately anyway, but this has thrown me into a major funk. I'll get over it in a day or two, but for now I just want to concentrate on moving forward and once more getting centered. That said, I wish I had a mook jong and a bucket of ice for my hands afterward.


Xtina said...

That sucks, I am sorry to hear that. Going to interviews is a huge effort, they should not have wasted your time.

Amber Love said...

I agree they should not have wasted your time. However I try to find something good about it. If it were me, I'd be ok with having a "practice" interview like that because I get so nervous. I also like to let them know just how negotiable my requirements are which isn't somethin always believable in a cover letter. Hopefully I can afford the trip out for your party because they always look legendary.

Hellbilly said...

Here's hoping you don't have to put up with more of such annoying, time-wasting games.

I sympathize - I normally royally suck at interviewing. But the one, single interview that I ever felt like I totally aced was followed by the "Er.... you're overqualified" stomach punch.

Firefly said...

I agree... "overqualified" is the worst word. Somehow turning what is really a positive into a negative.

Hang in there bro. A couple of my friends were laid off and actually found something better plus higher pay, though it was a hard search. You and your so-called overqualifications will find someplace with room to grow. For what it's worth, I believe.

Andrea F. Rodrigues said...

Steve, it's Andrea - I just found a hard copy of your blog mixed in with the comics you lent me. I'm sorry to hear of your trouble - please contact me at - I'd like to get together and catch up - and return your comics of course !
Big hug...A