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Saturday, May 15, 2010



The previous post featured some text rendered in red rather than the usual white-on-black that's been the standard style since this blog's inception. In looking at that post, I was struck by how good the red-on-black looks and am considering making this the standard style. I've heard from a few readers that the white-on-black text can sometimes be eye-straining, so what do you all think? Please write in and let me know what works better for you.


-Yer Bunche


Mindlesskirby said...

Maybe blue would be a little easier on the eyes

robseth said...

Go back and read an original edition of "Arkham Asylum" and you'll see why I say thee "nay!".

John Bligh said...

Red on black is awful for reading. Stick with what you've got.... Or better yet, switch to back on white, which more readable than both!

Anonymous said...

White lettering on black backgrounds can play with the eyes a bit. I will usually change the color myself if necessary

Raju said...

I think it's actually the black background that's the problem -- no matter if you use white or red text, they both "pulse". Try decreasing the contrast.

I've become a fan of tinting the text with a touch of the background color. You don't need to worry about the "RGBA" stuff, just mix your RGB values accordingly.

Kevie said...

I agree that red-on black is no easier on the eyes than white-on-black.

I wrestled with this issue a lot too (I used the same template as you, because I believe in stealing from the best). For what it's worth, my solution was to pull the pitch-black background back to a charcoal grey. Basically what Raju said. Works for me.

Firefly said...

I agree w/ Kevie & etc. ... red would actually be hard on the eyes I think.