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Friday, November 01, 2013

NEW YORK COMIC CON 2013-Day 1: Things get off to a relatively modest start

NOTE: Sorry for the delay in getting around to posting these but I've had major wifi issues that led to it taking an eternity to load the photo files, thanks to them being a minimum of a meg or two each. Plus, the previous month's 31 Days of Horror series was running, so I figured I'd just wait until that was over. Anyway...

Welcome to this year's photo safari of the New York Comic Con at Manhattan's Jacob Javits Center! There's plenty to see, so let's get started with the relatively small proceedings on the first day (10/10).

The Javits Center at approximately 1pm. I arrived early so I could be properly checked in and registered as a representative of the press and have a bite of lunch while planning which events to cover, aided by the invaluable convention program.

It's a cliche, but follow the cops if you're looking for food.

The first costumed attendees that I encountered.

This was the line for the general public and they'd apparently already been waiting there for hours (they would not be admitted for another couple of hours). Note the woman sleeping on the floor.

Patty Mayonnaise and Quail Man.

The tunnel to Artist Alley.

Near the main entrance, approximately an hour before the general public was admitted. It would not be this empty again until three days later.

One of my favorite cosplayers of the show represents as an excellent Blue Beetle.

My dear old friends and Marvel Bullpen brithers, Ed Murr (L) and James Hoston (R).

3pm: The convention opens.

Welcome to Artist Alley!

Old pal Amanda Conner consults digital reference on our senior class yearbook when reintroduced to a former classmate whom she had not seen since graduation. (It's been a while.)

A.C. with Anina Young, the aforementioned former classmate.

Russ Braun, purveyor of penciled excellence.

One artist makes a stand for appropriate compensation.

The main exhibitors' floor. Tons of neat shit to see and buy!

Silent Bob and Jay.

An octopus chair made from chain mail.

Anina test drives the chair.

Anina peruses the gear.

An outstanding Inspector Gadget.

Forget the ponies: There are ELFQUEST stockings that feature Aroree and Winnowill!


The Black Canary and Green Arrow chat with the media.

Found 'em!

A.C. shows off her excellent roller derby Harley Quinn  print.

The Clock King, complete with face that keeps accurate time.

World's Finest.

I obviously recognized Indy, but it took me a minute to suss out his companion. (The hand-held heart was the big clue.)

I'm always charmed when families get into the spirit, and this Avengers assembly rocks!

One of the con's legion of Deadpool cosplayers. In just a few short years, this character has become one of the most ubiquitous to be seen at conventions. At this show I counted no less than forty of them, male and female. Much like Poison Ivy and harley Quinn, I now no longer photograph more than a handful of Deadpools at any show, and the ones that I do photograph have to either bring something special to the interpretation or strike a decent pose. This one's here for the latter.

One of the upcoming entires in the best-selling MONSTER HIGH toy line. Anything that markets monsters to little girls in a way that's fun, creatively-designed, and gets them interested in the horror genre is perfectly okay by me!

Dr. Horrible and Captain Hammer.

Downtown South Park.

One of several plush organ toys.

Some cool custom monsters.

This one sold out before the first day was over.

Anina checks out some stuffed organs.

I wish I had the disposable cash to afford this outstanding Kappa.

A wee Jean-Luc Picard.

Needless to say, this got my Devo-rabid attention. I bought a Devo-themed rubber duckie from him.

The Red Hood.

Barnacle Boy and Mermaid Man.

Bilbo Baggins.

Carrie Kelly.

Ares and Xena. The costumes are homemade.

A triumphant Captain Marvel.

An awesome paper bag Ninja Turtle.

Wonder Girl.

An incredible statue of Judge Death.

"It's a dinglehopper!"

Kai Opaka.

Without question, this woman was the best Storm I've ever seen. Dave Cockrum costume design, white eyes... SUPERB. A 10 out of a possible 10.

In this post-9/11 NYC, I guess I understand the need for this. There were also security dogs present around the convention center.

The Empire State Building, as seen at the day's end from outside the Javits Center.


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