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Monday, November 04, 2013

NY COMIC CON 2013 Day 4: The rather mellow final hurrah.

Well, dear Vaulties, we've made it to the final day of the 2013 NY Comic Con. As per usual the last day was much more low-key than those preceding it, but the funhouse reflection from the Geekiverse nonetheless shone brightly.

Mama Fett.

Rocky Balboa.

Brain slug.

Two generations of Catwoman.

DRAGONBALL Z in the house!

The awesome Kitty-Kitty, by far my favorite oddball cosplayer who shows up regularly at the major East Coast cons.


The awesomeness of Asian Green Lantern.

An impressive handmade Loki hat.

Gotham gals.

A Dalek and Prince Robot IV.

Party on Wayne and Garth!

I just love it when families get into it.


More Gothamites, featuring an exemplary Batman.

Madrox, the multiple man.

Paper Man and the object of his desire.

The Falcon.

Melisandre and Stannis Baratheon. (She made their costumes.)

What the hell is that?

It's the Schwarzenegger version of Mister Freeze! Amazing!

With college buddy, Marvel Bullpen brother, and dear friend, Jared "Mountain Man" Osborn.

Marvel Girl and a pair of Rogues.

Wee Sadie: "Who the fuck are all these weirdoes?"

Leela and Raven.

The glow of the Green Lantern.

Jamie Botero, making for a lovely Wonder Woman. (Down, boys! She's only sixteen!)

(L-R) Power Girl, Wonder Woman, Terra, A.C., mirror universe Captain Kirk.

The Mike Deodato Wonder Woman.

A hand-drawn New Gods tee by Paris Cullins.

Here's one for DOCTOR WHO fans. *shudder*

"Wrapped up in books."

The royal couple of Attilan: Black Bolt and Medusa.

The Khaleesi walks among her people.

A Bruce Lee-inspired Iron Man tee.

Batman Beyond.

Surfin' Batman!


A Wonder Woman booster represents.

The stunning Freya as the Black Canary.

Gotta love her attitude!

Hawkgirl, a character I've always loved and one whose visibility over the past decade-plus was immeasurably aided by television animation.

5pm: The day ends...

...but there's still plenty to document.

Doctor Strange at the coat check..

The Spectre.

Of the countless Gambits I've seen over the years, this guy was hands down the best of the lot.

The gateway back to mundane reality.

An exhausted Princess Mononoke and crew.

As seen while walking up 34th Street to the subway: two zombies wait on line at a packed diner.

THAT'S ALL FOLKS! Hope you enjoyed it!


Anonymous said...

I am always a happier person after reading your blog, sir... thankyou...!

Your NW3 Councillors said...

Looking at the women in those super-hero/villain costumes, I think I understand why superhumans act the way they do: they are so... "distracted" by what the women wear, all the blood has gone from their brains!

Spider said...

I was Madrox/Multiple Man. Thanks for taking and posting a pic.

Anonymous said...

I love that Rocky cosplay! I do this with the stars and stripes shorts and brusied up special effects make up, if you'd like to check out my work on FB at