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Sunday, September 18, 2011


From my friend Heather's thirty-fifth birthday party at the Odessa diner, a real surprise and a huge treat for me: one of Heather's guests turned out to be Creighton, one of the hosts of the best show on NY public access TV, GHOUL A GO-GO. I met him a few years back at what turned out to be the final Cramps show in NYC, and he remembered me because I was the only person who recognized him and his co-host, Vlad. Creighton and Vlad keep the old school horror host tradition alive, and for that I will always respect and love them. Horror is very important to us as a people, especially for kids, so what they are doing is truly a major act of selfless altruism. For more on GHOUL A GO-GO, head here.

One of my favorite moments from GHOUL A GO-GO, featuring the Neanderthals and the world-famous Pontani Sisters.

9/4/2006-Me with the GHOUL A GO-GO boys, Vlad (L) and Creighton (R), at what turned out to be (I believe) the last Cramps show in New York City before the untimely death of their frontman, the awesome Lux Interior. It was an excellent show, one of the best I ever saw the band give, and meeting these two was the icing o that cake of awesomeness.

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Kevie Metal said...

I can't stop looking at those pictures. I've never seen the show, but he strikes me as a man of character.