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Wednesday, August 29, 2007


As the renovations at the design gulag drag on like a fucking iceberg, I have once more been moved from my workspace, this time to provide a location for various pieces of printing equipment. The only place to put me was inside the actual construction area, only inside one of the unfinished offices rather than just leaving me out in the construction-dust-covered main areas. Fine enough in theory, and while I once again have a desk fit for a human I'm still somewhat afflicted with the ambient dust and debris.

Here's my current work space, but it's only temporary; I'm in the space meant to be my immediate superior's office, and he wasn't pleased to find out where I'd been moved to. He's supposed to have this space next Tuesday, and the space that's been reserved for me can be seen through the open door of the office, not even remotely finished and still awaiting the simple amenity of lights.

And here's what will be my new, actual workplace, to be completed whenever it happens.

I swear on my mother's eyes, there is no sort of plan for any of this, at least none that I can discern.

And, no, I'm not performing amateur abortions; thanks to the lousy air quality that sets off my allergies like a motherfucker I had to don an air filter to function. Thankfully the office has windows that open, and the MIS guy found me a floor fan to circulate the air and blow as much dust and other invisible crap out the window into Manhattan's already questionable atmosphere. Oh, and did I mention that thanks to the lack of air conditioning it's also hot and stuffy as all fuck in here?

Some days it just plain sucks to be a Bunche.

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