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Thursday, August 16, 2007


You may recall seeing my pathetic work space when I posted this pic a couple of weeks back:

Well, yet more construction crap is taking place at the design gulag and the already tiny corner of the photo lab that I occupy is now serving double duty as a storage area. When the renovations on the office are finished I'm told that I'll have a choice office with all sorts of amenities for a copywriter/proofreader, but the renovations appear to have no date for completion so until that blessed day this is what my work space will look like:

Claustrophobic it may be, but at least I'm provided with more camouflage for when I write this blog or peruse the latest issue of BANGKOK SHE-MALE SPELLING BEE with my pants off.


--=MR.JOE=-- said...

How long before they try to take your red Swingline stapler from you?


jessicago said...

So exactly Office Space. And recall that poor character didn't even get in on beating the fax machine to death.

Plus, I'm sick of not being able to stalk you with calls to your office.

jessicago said...

Then again, there's no place like reminds me so closely of your home.