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Friday, August 31, 2007


Tennis hooligans from all over the globe flock to the Rotten Apple each year for the US Open, and while picking up breakfast this morning I ran into this group of gals from the Lone Star State who were on their way to root for whichever player is from their territory. It was impossible not to notice them since they were all dressed alike — an instant marker of the tourist — and sported charmingly hideous (and cheap) pink cowboy hats.

When I asked if I could take their picture they giggled like school kids and obliged, one of them suggesting that I ditch work and join them. Believe me, with all the shit that's gone down at the design gulag lately I gave it serious consideration but couldn't do it because the mighty Martina has been long retired, and if I saw Serena Williams in person I would have no choice but to bite her bullet-proof ass and probably get arrested in the process.

And just to make sure that I recorded the ladies' t-shirt slogan for posterity I asked one of them if I could take a closeup, requesting that she hold the shirt out since I wasn't trying to get "a boobie shot (one of her companions noted "That's all you're gonna get on her!!!"). It reads "Texas Girls Love Any X' Cuse 4 Tennis."

Man, I love Texans.

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