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Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Today the continuing saga of the Bunche clan had another piece of the puzzle filled in with the aid of my sister, Meredith.
You may recall
the story from just over a year ago when Meredith, whom I had not seen since she was an outrageously adorable under-five, contacted me from out of the blue thanks to the magic of the internet, but what I neglected to mention in detail is that Meredith is the second of the two kids from our dad's second marriage, the first of whom is Kenneth, whom I last saw when he was about five years old and on the wrong end of a pissed off Meredith. The last image I have in my memory of my brother is him howling in agony after he wouldn't stop bothering our sister, and she clocked the motherfucking shit out of him with a cute little Fisher-Price chain saw that she wielded by its blade (talk about style!).

Since our reunion I've asked Meredith to send me a shot of what the chain saw massacre victim looked like these days, and this morning she sent me this:
Yes, that bohunk who looks like a gene-splicing of Derek Jeter and the Rock is my little brother (that's Meredith mugging next to him). What I wanna know is how the hell two such eugenics specimens as my younger siblings share genes with my Charles Schultz-on-acid-looking ass.

As Yul Brynner once said, "It is a puzzlement!"

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Last Comment Then Backtowork said...

Actually, he kinda looks like your kids probably will.