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Monday, January 12, 2009


Soren represents for the League of Rocketeers.

My friend Soren De Selby was briefly sprung yesterday from the physical therapy facility where his stroke recovery continues, and he and his cooler-than-cool wife, Velma, held court at Ellis, a bar/restaurant on Fifth Avenue in Brooklyn. A small assortment of friends gathered to hang out and socialize, and if I was as glad as I was to see him out of a goddamned hospital environment and happy as a clam, I can only imagine how Soren himself felt about it.

While there's still a considerable way to go with his physical and speech therapy, Soren's progress is parsecs beyond where he was when he was laid low by the stroke some three months ago. His verbal communication has improved immensely since the short time ago when last I saw him, and that gives me great faith in the imminent full-on return of one of my favorite conversationalists (translation: "irrascible bastards"). It also looks like he'll be getting out more often and I can't wait for our next get-together.

Well done, Mister De Selby. Well done!

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Mzilla said...

That's great news. Physical rehab is hard. Learning how to walk and speak again as an adult can be completely demoralizing (I only ever had to learn how to walk again). Makes me very happy to see progress being made. It's tough, but I get the feeling he is too.