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Saturday, January 24, 2009


One of the universal truths of life is that kids are pretty goddamned funny, especially when they aren't trying to be, and Matt (THE SIMPSONS) Groening clearly understands that. This collection of one-page comics drawn from actual recorded conversations with his sons is very, very funny and definitely a vast improvement over the last several books culled from his once-brilliant LIFE IN HELL comic strip (that strip was officially dead in the water when it started featuring nothing but the incredibly unfunny Ackbar and Jeff, two characters who were not funny in the first place and should never have been given the spotlight). Covering a multitude of subjects ranging from burning questions about monsters to travelogue commentary on their adventures in Bali and their in-theater experience with STAR WARS: EPISODE IV-THE SPECIAL EDITION, this book is the perfect antidote to alleged humor comics that elicit not even a smirk, let alone a genuine belly laugh, and it deserves a place on your coffee table. Once it's there your friends and family will doubtless pick it up and check it out, and I'm willing to bet they'll find it quite amusing. RECOMMENDED.

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