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Thursday, June 14, 2007


In these troubled times, we need all the laughter we can get, and once more the mighty Blowfly comes to the rescue.

I just found out about this album five minutes ago, and the mere idea of Blowfly lending his singularly foul — and downright hilarious — talents to an album of punk rock covers made me snicker. Then I read that Jello Biafra is on the album, and that Blowfly had turned the Ramones classic "I Wanna Be Sedated" into "I Wanna Be Fellated," and I nearly laughed myself to death. And it just gets better from there, as these samples from the playlist clearly illustrate:

Should I Fuck This Big Fat Ho? (The Clash's "Should I Stay or Should I Go?")
V.D. Party (Black Flag's "TV Party")
R. Kelly In Cambodia featuring Jello Biafra (The Dead Kennedys' "Holiday In Cambodia")
I Wanna Fuck Your Dog (The Stooges' "Now I Wanna Be Your Dog")
Playing With Myself (Generation X's "Dancing With Myself")

The guy's a fucking senior citizen, a famous producer/songwriter when not in his Blowfly persona (I'll let you do the research; it's quite a story), looks like the sweetest granddad in the world, and to top it all off he's a born-again Christian to boot (!!!), yet he merrily continues to record some of the dirtiest records on the face of the earth. I'm telling you, folks, the man is a hero. I even had the honor of meeting him, a tale which can be found at

Considering my love of both punk rock and Blowfly, I'm going to order this album the second my direct deposit paycheck goes through in the morning, and I'll write an in-depth review once it arrives.

God bless you, Blowfly. God motherfucking bless you.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Steve! Great choice! I'd get a big laugh hearing those's been too long since I've heard anything raunchy. Happy birthday to us all!
Love, Nina