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Tuesday, June 12, 2007



seriously, one of the things that makes this blog work is your interaction, and I strongly encourage you to write in with comments, criticisms and corrections. Feel free to be as merciless as you like, but be prepared to get as good as you give; remember that my name is spelled BUNCHE, not "Bunch." For fuck's sake, this is the Vault of Buncheness, so take care to note the silent "e."

Thank you.


Kevie said...

Hey man, since you are soliciting feedback, I wanted to tell you that I was quite moved by your expression of emptiness and loneliness at the end of your post about last weekend. It's always a little surprising to see you write such an expression of melencholia, especially when it's usually preceded by about 30 column inches of you up to your ass in booze, fine birds, and plastic viking helmets, like some kind of one-man production of the last days of the Roman Empire.

Seriously man, I'm always reading your stories and saying, damn, that guy knows how to enjoy life. But I guess everybody has their ups and downs. Take me for instance: everybody thinks that having a baby is all shits and giggles... no, wait, come to think of it that's a perfect description of it. I forget what my point was now.

Just want to say, keep your head up big guy, we love you.

shades033 said...

My last comment (about the girls of Westport) never was even posted... so how come you didn't review Pirates? Surely that was worthy of your ire.

Bunche said...

To shades033-

please resend your comment regarding the girls of Westport and it will be posted; I accidentally erased it when attempting to publish it. So I'm a dumbass.

Anonymous said...

J. Wadsworth Buncheington Worthery III

i hope the unwanted editor was not me and my missing P comment.
i miss P too. spin that as you will.
-Big Mike